Whether you are an advertizer or a publisher, Advertis helps you to reach your goals.
Web ads Monetization
  • Enhance your website with display banner ads for relevant products and services. Our ad network supports all kinds of display format, from plain text to rich media.
  • Fully customize your display ads to fit with the look and feel of your website, tablet or handset.
  • Generate revenue from your videos thanks to our video monetization solutions.
  • All our video ads are highly targeted, guaranteeing the viewers will only encounter ads that are relevant to what they're watching.
  • Add value to your dynamic videos by serving up high-quality advertisements to complement what users are watching.
Downloads Monetization
TAKE ADVANTAGE of our Toolbars, non-search and ad-ons offers Advertis provides with the best of breed DOWNLOADER solution of the market.
The DOWNLOADER is a white label product that can be fully customized and branded with your logo. We manage and optimize your campaigns to ensure the highest payouts.
We provide you with a detailed reporting system.
No technical integration needed – Free consultancy.
  • Publishers with download content
  • Advertis will monetize your downloads.
  • Get new revenue for every download made on your website.
  • Advertis will guarantee you compliance with the distribution policies of the market.
  • Developpers: get paid per every install
  • Advertis will provide you with a free of charge branded downloader.
  • Advertis will distribute your product through its distribution network.
  • Advertizers
  • Get your products distributed through our quality network.
  • Get the highest user value per install.
How it works
1 A user downloads your software from your website or from any portal where your product is being offered.
2 During the installation process, the user will be recommended to optionally install an Advertizer’s offer that will match its profile.
3 The user has the choice to accept or decline the proposed offer.
4 During the download process the user can be offered with a contextual video.
5 Upon installation completion, get paid !
Mobile Monetization
You have mobile content, websites or apps: monetize them with our money- making mobile solution.
Get access to numerous mobile-friendly ads and connect with users even while they're on the go.
Our ads are optimized for just about every mobile device.
  • Maximize revenue from newly created inventory.
  • Use the right ad format (display, rich media, video, etc...).
  • Optimize existing channels using our unique solutions.
  • Advertis provides the best of breed technology for an optimized monetization. Combining the best technologies with it’s large advertizers partnerships, Advertis helps you to find the optimal solutions to monetize your traffic.
  • Our State of the art data analysis provides a clear business intelligence and reporting tool.
Monetize your traffic
Use the right media to optimize your results
Leverage on our wide and qualified advertizers network
Real-Time Reporting & traffic optimization

    Creation Process
  • In few clics, create your own account on Advertis platform and chose the campaigns that fits to your traffic.
  • Our team will help you to build the most effective solution.
  • Expand your brand.
  • Connect with your Audience.
  • Optimize your ROI.
  • The Advertis platform guaranties quality traffic coming from thousands of premium sites. We secure an effective distribution mechanism to meet your ROI goals.
  • Our powerful interface is simple to use and powerful. Meet your audience easily, across the world and monitor your campaigns efficiently.
Expand Your Brand
Sharp Targeting
Enhance your ROI.
Real-Time Reporting.
  • Advertis group is a young media agency that specializes in software distribution, online advertising and content affiliation programs for publishers and advertisers.
  • We create, package and manage software distribution and propose the most optimized monetization solution through our network of qualified value-added offers.


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